Facebook Audience Blaster Pro is the branded marketing software. With this automation toll it will help you search Groups, fan pages, posts by entering a keyword. While searching with this keyword it will help you find the actual traffic that are looking for the keyword you used to search traffic.

In this way after search you will find the traffic. That traffic can be used to extract information. FB Audience Blaster Premium will extract information’s like locations, Date of birth, specific gender, contact number and emails. The information extracted with this automation tool will be 100% accurate and genuine.

Facebook Audience Blaster

FB Audience Blaster Premium is smart ultimate tool to grab traffic information from Personal user profiles, Facebook pages, ads and targeted groups. Its one time investment to get maximum benefits to reach. With those highly traffic searching for can be used to promote your business by creating with them sales offers.

Even, Facebook audience software can extract information from the top personal profiles like celebrity and public person. Facebook Audience Blaster will help you create high leads from Facebook audience with extract maximum information and sending them email for your products or make phone call. Ultimately with this excellent tool you can’t imagine what you can actually get.

What’s awesome on FB Audience Blaster Premium

Search Page or Group
Easy search page or group with list of keywords
Extract group member
Get all members of group with one click
Extract page/group posts
Scan all post of page or group on facebook
Post Interactions
Extract likes/shares/comments of Facebook posts
Get user profile
Extract public email/phone or all friends of user by uid and even extract pages user liked
Zero Budget Marketing
With UID, you can do lots of $0 marketing like auto add friend, send message to user/page, like page/group

How Facebook Audience Software work?

  • Step 1: Search from your account to get the fan page, group information for scraping.
  • Step 2: Get post’s interaction (For example: people who like, share, comment on your posts).
  • Step 3: Get user’s information (it includes name, gender, birthday, Uid, email, phone and location); then, auto saved when software scanned up to 10000 user.

facebook audience software

Target your audiences easily with 3 step

1. Search page or group

You need to find which groups or pages that your customer joined

Search page or group

2. Extract posts of page or group

Get new posts that your customer interested


Extract posts of page or group

3. Get post interactions

Get likes/shares/comments of that posts, that is your customers, yeah!


Get post interactions

FB Audience Blaster download

FB Audience Blaster download


Facebook Audience Blaster FAQs

On which platforms is the software supported?
Audience Blaster currently only support on Windows Operating System

What should I do to avoid account checkpoint?

  • You should login to Facebook via second account
  • You can increase delay number when scrape data
  • If your account locked several times, just log in with another account and try login that account later

Is this software legal? is it a blackhat tool?
Fb audience blaster premium is a legal software, it’s using public API of Facebook and some features help you automate instead of doing it yourself manually

Can software scrape private emails and phones?
No, software can only scrape public emails and phones of user

What is the convert rate from facebook UID to email/phone number?
About 2-10% depending on your country and account type, because Facebook has many different algorithms for each type of account

How software scrape members of group?
Facebook does not support API to get full members of group, but software can use automate to scan members in group and Facebook is limited to a number of pages, so Fb audience blaster premium can only take a portion of groups.

But you can scrape in this way to get more members:

  • Scrape posts of that group
  • Then scrape likes/comments on that posts

How I can scrape who follow a page?
Facebook does not show or support API to get follower of page, but you can do it by:

  • Scrape posts of that page
  • Then scrape interactions like likes/comments on that posts
Facebook Audience Blaster Dowwnload - Digital Marketing Softwares 2020

Facebook Audience Blaster Pro is the branded marketing software. With this automation toll it will help you search Groups, fan pages, posts by entering a

Price: 25

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows

Application Category: Facebook