Facebook Messenger Bulksender Is when Facebook Messenger and Mailchimp have a baby. Facebook Auto Sender was born to amplify your most important asset: Customer Base, MEET NEW MESSENGER BULKSENDER A Stunning Plugin to Increase the Engagements of Facebook Users and Stimulate Your Customers to Reply to the Messages by Taking Actions.

Facebook Auto Sender GIVES YOU ACCESS TO


Gain Prominent Presence

Stand out from the crowds by putting your greetings, newsletters, promotions, etc. to your fans’ INBOX.

Bulk Messaging

Sending bulk messages to your Facebook audience in a few click.

Unlimited Ads with $0

Reach your customers frequently WITHOUT monthly fee!

New Possibilities

Now you know who are the most enthusiastic about your products & services. Likes and engagements count. But there are others to take care of to expand your business, by new ways

Rich Future Development

There are plenty of features we currently have in mind. Conditional filter, export, combined with bots, to name a few. We only need some encouragement from the initial sales from YOU!

Bulksender is more effective because

  • Facebook API shows messages.
  • But marketers don’t know how to take advantage of it.
  • You might have heard already that Facebook custom audience are great.
  • But you don’t see the benefits just yet.
  • Facebook just allows you to create the custom audience and enable targeted ads for this audience
  • (they make you PAY even more!)
  • Now with Messenger Bulksender, you know a brand new way to exploit it with NO COST.
  • Not just put your ads on their news feed, now you get it right to their INBOX!
  • So WHY NOT ensure your visibility in the marketplace NOW!


FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it support WordPress multi-site?

A: Yes.

Q: What is the difference between Messenger Bulksender and Auto-Reply Messenger?

A: When someone messages your page, Messenger Bulksender keeps their contacts in your database and lets you send tailored messages to all or part of them.

When someone comments on your page/posts, Auto-Reply Messenger automatically sends private messages to them, intrigues them to reply and engage.

Q: Can I send messages to people who had messaged my fan page before I installed Bulksender?

A: No, because you can’t get the senders’ IDs without Bulksender. So you have to install it as soon as possible.

Q: Does Bulksender in any way work with MailChimp?

A: They are two separate products. Bulksender is a plugin while MailChimp is a SaaS. The difference is, with Bulksender, you don’t have subscription fee.

Q: Can Bulksender save user contacts such as emails?

A: No. However, you have their Facebook contacts in WordPress backend. You can get in touch with them via Facebook Messenger whenever you want.

Q: What kind of contacts are stored in WordPress backend?

A: First name, last name, Facebook user ID, gender, location, and time zone.

Q: Is there any note of caution when using Bulksender?

A: This is a great tool to engage your fans. But that doesn’t mean you should exploit it on a daily basis, since you know how annoying it would be. Use it properly and respectively to get the best result.


Hi Users, All this time we have been improving and updating it, providing support, implementing your suggestions – and we did it all for a good while. I believe our frequent users would agree that this WordPress plugin brings great value to their work. However, our Bulksender plugin has recently been turned down due to Facebook changing policy. In the meanwhile, we provide other marketing plugins for Facebook Messenger that would help your business greatly the way Bulksender can do. Please check our collection in the links below. Should Facebook change their policies back again, Bulksender will also come back. And we’ll keep you updated. All the bests,


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