Kompass Scraper contains lots of companies’ details and contact information. Kompass has a rich database that is very useful for B2B business owners who wants more sales lead. Wise business owners can use the Kompass database to find and communicate with clients. Do you heard about Kompass scraper or any web scraping tools?

Since this Lead Scraper Software contains a huge amount of business data, collecting this huge data manually is more or less a waste of time. The smartest way to extract such huge data from Kompass is by using Kompass scraper. Worth web scraping services offers the best and affordable Kompass data scraping service.

Kompass Scraper Pro

The smart data marketing and sales you need to grow your business


The right Digital – Physical matching

B2B information services

Capturing business opportunities is challenging. And exciting. We are here to help. We provide innovative B2B information services that enables you to reach the right contacts in the right companies, at the right moment, based on our unique data expertise in 75 countries.
With decades of experience and a far-reaching international physical network, Kompass groupe is the B2B matchmaking and export service provider of choice for many governmental and private institutions around the world.


As the preferred business development partner, we work to deserve our reputation
as the trusted solution companies choose to accelerate their development.

How They do it:

No matter the size of your company, we are your business development partner. We exist to help you succeed.
We help our clients generate new business opportunities with our smart data marketing and sales implementation solutions, giving them clear-cut ways in which to do this. We can do the same for your company, by helping you:

  • Increase your visibility
  • Enrich your files with Kompass data
  • Make your database more efficient
  • Improve the performance of your buying and selling process

Kompass Organisation

Founded in 1947, our track record speaks for itself. We have consistently demonstrated our agility at integrating new technologies, staying ahead of the latest digital marketing innovations and anticipating new behaviors in the digital world. Kompass has launched 7 ground-breaking new products in less than 2years.

integrating new technologies


Global B2B Online Directory Search over 34,269,013 B2B companies in more than 65 countries

Innovative Kompass solutions to help you grow your business


Ensure the continuity of your value chain with our worldwide database of suppliers


Leverage our Comprehensive Kompass database to power your performance with data analysis, insight and agility


Reach the right B2B Customers and decision makers with powerful Marketing and Sales Intelligence solutions


Increase your online visibility and attract B2B clients locally, nationally and internationally from +75M visitors Worldwide

Kompass Scraper is a powerful tool that helps you find potential customers on Europages sites. Europages is a source where you can find millions of business leader ads by category and location. You can search for your target keywords in your places. This software will search and find business information such as website, email addresses, phone, fax, etc.

Looking for Kompass database then go with Business directory scraping

Kompass is full of with company details along with contact information. So Kompass database is good source for business world for finding and communicate with customers. There is huge amount of business data are there so collecting manual all these data is west of time. Smartest way for extracting such large data is Kompass data scraping or can say business directory scraping.Kompass business directory is available in various countries like KompassIndia, KompassUK, KompassUSA, KompassGermany, Kompasssouth Africa and more.

Infovium’s Kompass data scraping give following Company details:

  • URL
  • Company name
  • Address
  • Contact no
  • Website
  • About company
  • Year of established
  • Employee
  • Executive name
  • Executive position
  • Activity
  • Export
  • Category

Kompass Business directory data scraping not only extracting the data but also refine the data into format required. For example download our scraped Kompass database sample file for Kompasssouth Africa.

Our Kompass data scraping service not only extract the Kompass data but also clean and refine the data into the required formats – CSV, TXT, JSON, HTML, etc. We will also help you overcome any problem that may arise due to language barrier.

Local data scraping is one of the best and reliable data scraping providers available around. Aside from scraping data from Kompass, we also offer a wide range of web and mobile data extraction.

Get data from Kompass today, the exact way you need it. Get well-structured data from Kompass through our web scraping platform. Our scraping service doesn’t require coding or expensive software.

Our scrapers and scraping services ensure 100 percent of data integrity. With our service, you will never miss any important piece of information, which your Do-It-Yourself scraping software can’t handle.

How will you benefit from the business directory?

The Kompass business directory gives you access to accurate and locally sourced information with a regularly updated customer database that contains 33 million companies.
Across the world, you get comprehensive company data, regardless of the size of the company, from small merchants and independent craftsmen to multinationals.
Kompass provides free information that our locally based teams update on a regular basis. You can find for many companies their number of employees, details of their products and services as well as their contact details. The detailed criteria, which are provided free of charge and regularly updated, will help generate great results for your marketing operations: staff size, service details, mailing address and phone numbers.
You get access to a search tool organised by region and by business sector which can be used to help find new customers and grow your business.
Are you are interested in setting up partnerships, finding prospects, or acquiring new customers? Nothing is easier than with the Kompass directory. The organised structure of the Kompass directory means you can better segment your target markets and create precise and more effective marketing strategies.

Kompass Scraper Pro

How to use Kompass Scraper ?

Here we will perceive how Kompass SCRAPER functions. A similar guide is likewise for KOMPASSSCRAPER. Here are the means to pursue to catch information from Kompass index.
Stage 1. Download the .compress document from the connection above. Concentrate the exe record from the compress document.

It will open the accompanying landing page in the program (for Kompass):

Stage 2. Enter the catchphrases and afterward click Enter to open indexed lists.

Stage 3. Snap on the top, on the catch COLLECT COMPANIES LINKS and the scrubber will begin to gather joins

Stage 4. After that all connections are gathered click on OK

Stage 5. Snap on the other catch on the top: COLLECT COMPANIES DATA.

Stage 6. It will open the window where you need to type the name and the organizer where the CSV record will be spared. In the CSV you will have all information of caught organizations (business name, address, telephone, messages, site url)

Stage 7. The program will examine a great many organizations and concentrate all conceivable data.

With the FULL form you can extricate every one of the organizations of the exploration did, unbounded.

Stage 8. Open the CSV record saved money on the PC to check all information caught.

Software License : Enterprise ( All Options )

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