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PixLeads Pro

The Pixleads software is the ONLY secret software that will make your dream come true! It will help you get HIGHLY Targeted leads from facebook. Help you build a real audience. Help you collect massive emails in any niche you want! And that too just in MINUTES! Generating instant leads and profits from Facebook are a dream come true for an internet marketer.

Why Get Traffic from Targeted Facebook Members!

Let’s face it, everybody’s at Facebook. Facebook is the largest social media network for people to share their common interests, express opinion, discusses trending issues and post relevant content. (Thanks to the relevant Facebook groups).
So if you are sure your targeted audience is hanging out at Facebook and is interested in your product why not let PixLEADS software take your business to a new level.

Targeted Facebook Members

PixLEADS software will help you, if you are looking for the following.

  • Phone number extractor
  • Facebook Email extractor
  • Find Facebook email address when it’s hidden
  • Email address extractor
  • Email extractor pro
  • Facebook scraper tool
  • Email hunter
  • Email scraper
  • Facebook Email grabber

You often must have heard people saying, ‘Money is in the list.’ Now every online business starts with email marketing. And why not, it’s the most effective, tried and tested way to get connected with your leads, show you care for your audience, educate them about your product, and ultimately turn them into your customers.

Email marketing is an art if done right can be powerful.
According to Wikipedia, “Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing. It usually involves using email to send advertisements, request business, or solicit sales or donations, and is meant to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness.´”


Email Marketing

But the biggest problem faced by many marketers is how to reach to those potential customers.
How do they get their email addresses, phone number, find facebook email addresses when they are hidden, or how do scrap only the email addresses of their targeted audience.

Email marketing is an art if done right can be powerful and that’s what our facebook email extractor, lead generator can help you out with.

Honestly speaking, if you are not collecting emails, you are not serious about your business, because email marketing is dangerously dominating and outperforming all other online marketing strategies which including SEO, content marketing and much recommended PPC.
An email marketing strategy is an important part of any online marketing campaign.

Why do we recommend email marketing?

Collecting email is the most cost-effective way for any online business to educate their customers about their products, stay in touch with them, and inform them of any new offer or discount coupons in order to reach their business goals.

According to Joe Pulizzi, the founder of content marketing institute ,“Once you build an audience (of email subscribers), anything is possible.”

Why email marketing has an edge over other methods of marketing?

Reaches out to wider audience

It might come as a surprise to you that email marketing hold tremendous value for business owners as it’s an easiest and smartest way to start reaching consumers on mobile, thanks to handy smartphones, without having the need to invest a lot of bucks in new technology or software.

checking emails via smartphones

According to a Pew Research Center report, 52 percent of people in US alone as cellphone owners view their emails from their phones. According to a new study released by Forrester Research we came to know that 42% of retailers’ email messages were opened by customers on their smartphones and 17 percent were opened by them on tablets. This gives us a fair idea that nearly three out of every five email marketing messages are read by consumers as a mobile marketing message.
Hence, we can say for certain that using email marketing works well with smart phone users as mobile marketing than SMS for the following reasons,

  • It works perfectly well on all mobile devices other than phones
  • Emails are free to send and receive for the consumer, whereas texting cost them money.
  • Emails can be descriptive and have more space for well crafted messages serving as better marketing pieces, where as SMS are short, concise and well sometimes they don’t do justice to the product/service.

Since checking emails via smartphones is easier, hence, 94% of Internet users use email even if they are not active on social media; therefore marketing your business through email offers a better chance to reach out to wider audience and strengthen your brand along the way.

According to Forrester research, 90% of your emails get delivered to the user’s inbox, whereas, when you compare it with facebook, only 2% of your Facebook fans get to read your posts in their newsfeed.
So now you decide yourself where to spend all your energy and effort, is it posting on social media or reaching your audience through email?

Easy to track your ROI

Another great advantage of email marketing is its super easy to track ROI. You can easily check how many people opened your email, who’s clicking onto your website through emails, etc. You can easily tweak your emails to as per your audience’s needs. The ROI is normally high because you are only reaching out to your targeted audience, rather than putting ad money behind emails to get to your targeted audience. This is why email marketing is considered the cheapest yet most effective marketing strategies.

It’s an effective way to keep customers informed.

The email marketing works as an effective tool to keep business owners and consumers stay connected.

In fact, some consumers frequently look forward to receiving email marketing campaigns from their favorite brands and local stores. Similarly some of the brands offer coupons and special discounted offers to their loyal customers as well. Hence email marketing work as an effective tool in strengthening relationship between a retailer and a consumer.

According to report by Nielsen that 28 percent of US online shoppers subscribe to their favorite brands or stores or the particular product in order to always stay informed about their special black Friday deals and discounted offers.


Another study carried out by Loyalty 360 declared that 59 percent of US moms would sign up for email updates from the brands which offered rewards to them on subscription. Another notable feature we got to know through a 2013 study by the Relevancy Group that marketers who also added video content to their email campaigns noticed a 40 percent rise in their revenue.

Hence we come to the conclusion that there are more chances of business prospect and value in staying connected to your customers, and that’s when email marketing comes into action.

Email coupons drive online and in-store sales.

E-coupons are booming as big business, and email marketing is at its heart. In fact, in the next five years, the numbers of mobile coupons that have been used are estimated to double and may reach 1 billion people. Email marketing is a great way to attract the growing number of online bargain hunters. Let’s face it who doesn’t want great discounts such as flat 50% or 70% to fit their budget?

And what better way to do it other than extracting emails of the consumers who are interested in your offer and product? The tactic has already been utilized by big brands for the purpose. The BIA/Kelsey reports states that 36.6 percent of nationwide businesses use email marketing when it comes to local promotions.

Email coupons drive online and in-store sales

It’s easy to customize and incorporate into other marketing tactics.

Email marketing is versatile; various other form of marketing tactics can be easily incorporated into it.
Email marketing messages may vary; depending upon the nature of email, they could range from simple to complex. Emails could be personalized too, adding name of the user and even more. According to a study, there are many websites that uses several kinds of personalized tactics that can easily be applied to email.

Almost half of the US retailers make use of email marketing for personalized product recommendation, and almost a quarter of users have reported adding shopping cart reminders. Hence, we can say that email marketing can be used with just about any other marketing tactic, which makes email an important part of any online business’s integrated marketing campaign.

Email marketing is inexpensive.

If I had to give you one best reason in favor of email marketing, I would say, it’s easy yet effective and inexpensive. Email marketing gives business owners the chance to reach out to wider audience at a rate of almost pennies per message. How cool is that? On the contrary if you compare it with other marketing mediums it’s almost free. You don’t need a grand budget for email marketing.
Email marketing is especially beneficial for small business owners on a budget, because traditional marketing channels like TV, radio or direct email will cost them more. In fact, according to many US retailers claim email marketing to be the most effective customer acquisition strategy.

Bottom line…

Email may be an old technique, but it remains a vital one. It’s comparatively easy to get started with email marketing, and with a software like PixLeads its pretty easy to capture thousands of real email and phone numbers from Facebook within a few minutes. So whatever is your goal with your business, either you want to send CPA offers, or you need to build an email list, collecting emails is vital for your business growth.

highly targeted leads

In case you have the following questions, keep on reading, we are not done yet!

How do I know trust Pixleads Pro to solve all my problems?

Highly targeted leads from Facebook

Why waste your hard earned money and time on irrelevant leads when you can easily capture highly targeted leads from Facebook.
Occasional SEO traffic isn’t worth your time and effort. Every online business need consistent but targeted traffic from those who are interested in your product/service and ready to BUY from you.

Help building a real audience and massive email

Unlike other softwares which focus on building fake users and fake emails based on bots, Pixleads helps building real audience, the emails and phone numbers captured are real. And hence results generated are real and guaranteed, too.

In expensive

As compared to the bundle of advantages Pixleads offers, its way too cheap and affordable for just anyone.

Instant results

Unlike other softwares, results don’t take long, PixLeads generate instant results. It takes about hardly 3 minutes.

Newbie friendly

You don’t need to be a tech savvy in order to use this software. It’s newbie friendly software with easy to use user interface. It’s less time consuming, effective, and super CHEAP, too!


Let’s quickly recap all the features of PixLeads Pro

  • Easily extract Names and Email Addresses or Phone Number of Facebook Niche Group members.
  • Helps in narrowing down Profitable Niche Groups on Facebook.
  • Super EASY to find Targeted Leads base on keywords search.
  • Now you can easily get access to all Friend List of your friends!
  • Create a single list adding multiple group members Emails  and import them to FB Custom Audience or Email/Phone Marketing list. (we hope you don’t SPAM users)
  • No monthly charges, You pay a small charge, that too only just once
  • Email are REAL, no fake emails, as these are real people not bots, or no email @facebook.com
  • Even a complete newbie can use its due its Friendly User Interface.

PixLeads Software

Not sure how PixLeads can help your business?

Guess what PixLeads Software can help generating highly targeted leads to promote just anything you want.

You can do the following,

  • You can sell your own product/services using mail marketing or SMS/Whatsapp marketing or you can run FB ads too targeting only your potential customers.
  • Promote Affiliate/Dropship products or CPA offers in any niche of business.
  • Create brand awareness and brand perception campaigns.
  • Promote your facebook or website or anything related to your niche.
  • Design huge Opt-in subscribers list in any category targeting only the highly targeted leads.
  • Forward these leads to your own facebook group or any other membership group.
  • Send special discounts, coupons, special ads and offers, call-to-action, external links and more!

Wanna give it a try? Get Access NOW!

PixLeads is easy to use; you can use it following 3 simple steps.

  • Search Facebook Group or Page Search Facebook Group or PageSelect a Facebook Group in your niche to set up a targeted list. You can insert any related Keywords or simply insert FB Group ID to start searching. (No need to join group if Public Group)
  • Get Leads in any FB Group or Page

Get Leads in any FB Group or Page

You can even insert bulk group IDs to make the most out of the software and capture more users from FB Groups or Pages. Or if you are not sure which groups to target, you can simply insert keyword to search and find audience from FB. Additionally, PixLeads can get leads from your friends of friends too.

  • Copy and Save List

Copy and Save List

Now copy and Save list in Notepad as TXT or CSV files.

Now, you are ready to start marketing through FB Ads custom audience or through SMS, Whatsapp by simply importing the list to send out Campaigns to them.

WHY PixLead? Can’t we do all this manually?

PixLeads helps us find highly targeted leads

  • from Facebook Groups
  • from facebook Fanpages
  • from our Friends and their Friends
  • From any Keywords you want to target

Upto 50% MORE Leads, Upto 400 % MORE Conversions, Upto 200% MORE Quality Traffic

Unlimited Targeted Leads

Don’t Believe The Hype About How Easy it is?
Watch the 2-Mins Video Below How to Get Thousands Targeted Leads Per Day

PixLeads Finally Makes Your Making Money dream on Facebook Hands-Free by Capturing More Unlimited Targeted Leads!

Don’t forget with PixLEADS you can follow up, send mass email or SMS/Whatsapp to your customers at ANYTIME.