Whatsapp Q Sender is best marketing software, Q-sender can promote your business through whatsapp send text, image, pdf, video to potential clients through q sender V2 The Most Advanced WhatsApp Marketing Tool To Expand your Business by Digital Marketing.

Bulk Whatsapp Q Sender Software. The one and only a working whatsApp marketing software solution world wide. q sender whatsapp software can Send Unlimited Messages with no Cost per Message at all, and reach your contacts Direclty. It is true, With Only one channel you can start and leave use it till get blocked, then change. World Fastest WA Sender can Send 1000 messages in a 1-2 min, Filter Active Number on WhatsApp, Send text,Image,Audio,Video & all supported Files, Number Generator Function.


Whatsapp Q sender V.2 latest features:

Use Business WhatsApp account to send

  1. Send out | Features | Information | Upgrades | 1, 000 Known Clients / Moment
  2. NO Channel(s) Needed : It is true, With Only one channel you can start and leave use it till get blocked, then change Whatsapp.
  3. Access Real-Time Reply In Your Portfolio
  4. No Cost & Effortless method to Contact your clients
  5. Add Your Own Phone Contact in Only One Click on
  6. In Constructed Energetic User Filter,” No Want Topical
  7. Globe’s Quickest Sender With Personalised Concept
  8. Strictly to Send out Saved Contacts, WhatsApp Spammers Remain Off
  9. World Fastest Filter Number inbuilt.
  10. Supports All Multimedia Formats, 20 Images at a Time.
  11. Filter Active Number on WhatsApp.
  12. Send Text, Image, Audio, Video all Supported Files.
  13. Number Generator Function.
  14. Scrap the WhatsApp Groups, Join, Post Your Message/Promotion, & Left on AutoPilot.
  15. Scrap all the Mobile Numbers of WhatsApp Groups.
  16. Verify All WhatsApp Groups before Posting.
  17. Multiple WhatsApp Accounts upto 100 can Added at once.
  18. Smart Mode Enabled.
  19. Typing User Like with each KeyStroke Delay.
  20. Inject the Message Method to Send Messages.
  21. Check Delivery Report.
  22. Manual Number Adding Feature.
  23. Import Numbers from xlsx csv or txt Files.

Q sender: HOW IT WORKS

This is the way to keep a customer list up-to-date, doing it manually would be a never-ending affair, and sending personalized text would be much more complicated. But not anymore, now with WhatsApp Broadcaster, you can send automated messages with only 3 Simple steps.






WhatsApp Q Sender Full Version


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Q Sender v2

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WhatsApp Q Sender Full Version

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