Video Marketing Blaster Pro is the perfect tool for you to discover plenty of easy to rank YouTube keywords in every niche… Keywords you probably didn’t even know exist. The niche analysis lets you quickly spy on your competitors and gives you a clear breakdown of what to do to your video to rank in the top positions and enjoy free views. The YouTube description generator will make creating perfectly optimized descriptions almost instant and a painless experience.

I know how it feels to spend hours creating and editing videos for YouTube. You upload them, wait a few days, only to find that you’re getting very little views… It sucks! That’s why I’m writing on Video Blaster Pro. It solves the biggest problem you, me and every other person creating YouTube videos face.

Getting your videos to the top of YouTube and pulling in crazy amounts of free views from people who are searching for your content.It works extremely well, and you’ll have a clear advantage over your competitors.Check it out here Or, keep reading to find out how in my full review and walk-through below.

⭐ What is Video Marketing Blaster Pro?

Video Blaster is an easy to use software that quickly finds all the keywords (words and phrases) people are using to search YouTube for videos in your niche.From there, it let’s you know which keywords your video can easily show up for at the top of YouTube, as well as the estimated number of free views you can get from it every month.

After choosing the keywords you want, Video Blaster Pro then creates a title, description and tags that are perfectly optimized for the keyword, to help your video show up at the top of YouTube once it’s uploaded.Now that you know what it does, let’s get into the Video Marketing Blaster Pro review and take a look at the main features to see why it’s so good.

Note: In this Video Marketing Blaster Pro, I’ve also included images showing a quick test I’ve done using Video Marketing Blaster. I’ve chosen to upload a quick test video in the web hosting niche (known to be very competitive).I found a keyword that’s “easy” to rank at the top of YouTube, according to Video Marketing Blaster. And proceeding to upload it with the optimized title, description and tags as provided by the software.The result: The video hit the number 1 spot within days of uploading it.
Video Marketing Blaster Pro

Mass Video Blaster Pro Main Features

#1 The Keyword Finder
Finding the right keywords and then optimizing your videos for those keywords is essential if you want to have any success in YouTube. Especially if you don’t have a lot of followers and subscribers. Video Blaster Pro’s keyword finder will get you hundreds of keywords for your video.All you have to do is enter the topic of your video and in moments you’ll have a list of keywords related to your video that people are actively using to search YouTube.

video marketing blaster Keyword Finder

In the above image, I’ve entered in a random phrase related to web hosting. Video Marketing Blaster then went about finding dozens of related keywords which I could choose to rank for.Eventually I decided on the keyword “fast secure WordPress hosting”. A keyword that has 5 970 other YouTube videos uploaded, that are trying to rank for it.After selecting the keyword, it was time for me to head to the niche analysis section to get an in-depth report of how easy it would be to rank at the top of YouTube.

#2 Accurate Analysis
Let Video Blaster Pro find you the best and easiest keywords to get your videos to the top of YouTube fast, so you can enjoy a ton of free views.This is one of my favorite features of Video Blaster Pro. Knowing which keywords to target when you upload your video is already half the battle won. Get it right and you can easily get hundreds of views just days after uploading your video.Video Blaster Pro looks at your selected keywords, then analyses all the top videos that are currently showing for them at the top of YouTube.

Video Blaster Pro

In the in-depth niche analysis you can see all the top ranked YouTube videos of your competitors broken down, so you can see exactly how well optimized they are for your keyword.I don’t really pay much attention to this section. The Ranking Report in the next image is what matters to me. Video Marketing Blaster Pro generates a ranking report which shows you how easy it will be for your video to outrank your competitors and show up in the top spots.But, it doesn’t stop there. It also shows you how many views you can expect every month from those keywords, as well as what you can do to boost the rankings.

VMB Pro Ranking

From the ranking report, “fast and secure WordPress hosting” should be easy to rank for. Finally, the Analysis section of Video Blaster Pro will also show you if it will be easy for your video to show up on the first page of Google, so you can get even more free views to your videos.

vmb ranking report

For this test I wasn’t really interested in ranking the video in Google. Video Marketing Blaster Pro says it would be difficult to do, and my video sucks, so I’m not expecting any revenue from it.

#3 Automated Optimization for Top YouTube Rankings
Here’s where the magic happens. I don’t know about you, but I hate writing descriptions and trying to find tags for my YouTube videos. It gets old rather quickly having to write a 300+ word description for every video upload. However, you can’t ignore it because the title, description and tags you choose are crucial for getting ranked highly in YouTube.Luckily, Video Marketing Blaster does all the heavy lifting for you. Once you have decided on the keyword you want to optimize your video for, Video Marketing Blaster quickly creates a perfectly optimized title and description, as well as highly relevant tags for the keyword.All you then have to do is simply copy and paste them when you upload your video.

vmb optimize

This section makes optimizing your videos really simple. All I did was use the titles, tags and description generated by Video Marketing Blaster, and then added a few lines about the web hosting company I’m promoting. This whole process took less than 2 minutes. It can usually take an hour if you do it manually. You can also easily edit these fields and choose from a list of even more Video Marketing Blaster generated titles, tags and descriptions if you wish.I’ve tried and tested quite a lot of different YouTube tools, all promising to get you great results and tons of views.

However, most have left me disappointed. Video Blaster is currently the only tool that has gotten me consistent views.The keyword finder, analysis and optimization features are behind most of the success I’ve enjoyed on YouTube so far. Think about it, most people on YouTube have no idea about keywords and optimizing your titles and descriptions. They either rely on luck, or having huge fan bases and followings to get any success from YouTube.With Video Marketing Blaster Pro, you don’t need any fans or luck. You’re simply taking advantage of YouTube’s algorithms to show them that your video is perfect for the chosen keywords. Which gives you such a massive advantage over the competition… it’s almost unfair.

VMB Youtube

It must’ve been about 3-4 days after uploading the video that I hit the #1 spot in YouTube for the chosen keyword. It’s just a shame that the video sucks.

VMB Pro Software

You won’t just rank for your chosen keyword. But, also a number of related keywords as well. Also note the age of the other videos. They say, the older a video is, the harder it is to outrank. Yet with Video Marketing Blaster, I was able to outrank these much older videos in just days.

Video Marketing Blaster Pro also comes with a built-in rank tracker, so you can keep track of all your videos positions in YouTube for various keywords. The secret every smart marketer already knows…VIDEO IS THE FUTURE!

Video Marketing Blaster Pro Download

The Most Important Thing…

YouTube is the baby brother of Google!

That’s why YouTube videos give us an unfair advantage over regular website rankings​:

Instant Indexed! (By Google and YouTube)

videos rank

Videos get HIGHER RANKINGS than websites

VMB Ranking

The Only Software That Is Able To Reverse-Engineer YT & Google Ranking System and Rank Hundreds Of Videos With The Click Of 3 Buttons!

How VMB Pro works

STEP 1 Find Untapped Keywords

VMB Pro will suggest untapped keywords and related keywords for your main niche.
Keywords that  you can easily exploit and that will bring you highly targeted traffic that will convert like crazy

Find Untapped Keywords

STEP 2 Autopilot SEO Optimization

Autopilot SEO Optimization

With one click VMB will analyze your competitors, identifying all the weak points in their videos and will automatically exploit them. After a few seconds VMB will give you a perfectly balanced combination of titles, descriptions and tags that will get you TOP RANKINGS!

STEP 3 Copy/Paste and PROFIT!


Upload your videos or live events on YouTube and watch the traffic flooding your offers!

Video Marketing Blaster is a 2 in 1 software!

MODULE #1: Keyword Finder
VMB Software will analyzing all the keywords targeted by your competitors and suggests you the keywords that are bringing them the most traffic and can be easy exploited. 90% Of Marketers Are Targeting The WRONG KEYWORDS! They try to rank for one short-tail keyword… and the problem with that type of keyword is that even if you rank the traffic would be wayyyy to broad. So even if they rank, all the work will be be in vain. The traffic will not convert!

That’s why VMB will suggest you all the highly descriptive BUYER keywords that users are searching for on google and are sending targeted traffic to your competitors…Manually finding and analyzing all the keywords is close to impossible and would take HOURS if not days. Who’s got time for all that!? With VMB all you have to do is click the… SEARCH button! That’s it!

MODULE #2: Video Details
In order for your video to get ranked you need PERFECTLY optimized titles, description and tags. VMB Pro will analyze your competitors, find the best related keywords and generate a perfectly balanced combination of titles/desc/tags.You’ll have the exact “right balance” of keywords that will make google totally fall in love with your video and give your video instant top rankings!
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Frequently Asked Questions:

⭐ What are the System Requirements for this software?

Video Marketing Blaster works on Microsoft Windows® platform. It runs on Windows Xp, Server, 7,8, 8.1 and 10 (both 32 and 64 bit). In order to have a good streaming quality we recommend at least an intel i3 CPU and 4GB of memory.

If you want to run on Mac, you need to use a Windows Virtual Machine like Parallels or VMware.

⭐ Who Is Video Marketing Blaster For?

Beginners and experts alike.It doesn’t matter if you are doing video marketing,seo, ecommerce, local marketing or social media marketing… VMB will work for you and your business!

⭐ Does it work in FOREIGN LANGUAGES?

Video Marketing Blaster works in English or any other language , and in any NICHE!
You can do keyword research and rank for any foreign language. Actually, ranking in foreign languages is even easier!

⭐ Are there any Upsales?

You can use Video Marketing Blaster as it is, you don’t need to purchase anything else.
However, after your purchase Video Marketing Blaster we will give you a super good deal to other Blaster Products that can change the way you are doing Video Marketing!

⭐ Do I get free updates?

Yes! You will receive over the air updates. Whenever we will release a new update, the software will automatically update to latest version.

In this way you are always sure you are running the latest version of Video Marketing Blaster.