AUTOWASAP is a Business Automation kit on Whatsapp including Whatsapp Number Extractor software and a guide with the main kit is Autowasap Blaster & Whatsapp Blaster apk. The great functions contained in this kit include applications that can send thousands of messages systematically, broadcast messages to groups, extract numbers from chat lists or wasap groups, auto reply wasap messages, auto save wasap numbers and more!

There are 3 versions of whatsapp automation tool namely:

  1. AutoWasapΒ  EXTRACTOR
  2. AutoWasap ANDROID
  3. AutoWasap DESKTOP

1. Whatsapp Number Extractor πŸ”

WhatsApp Contacts Extractor is a chrome extension that allows you in a single click to download all numbers include name (if available) from your WhatsApp accounts and save it in an excel sheet (.csv). With this Whatsapp Leads Extractor extension, you save a lot of your time, don’t miss any numbers from your potential customers and increase your sales now! πŸ˜‹

whatsapp number extractor


Allows you in a single click to download all group phone numbers from WhatsApp groups, Chat list …

Whatsapp Number Generator Features

Extract All Contacts from Whatsapp

  1. Save Numbers from Chat list
  2. Save Numbers from Contact list
  3. Save Numbers from Group list
  4. Save Number from Broadcast list
  5. Save Number from Archieved list
  6. Save Number from Label list
  7. Save Number from Keyword list

Other Features of Whatsapp Number Extractor
-- Save all numbers from Groups list
-- One click to download contacts (Name and Number)
-- Excel sheet (.csv) file
-- Save all numbers from Contacts list
-- Save all numbers from Chats list (NEW)
-- See numbers before exporting
-- Easy install and newbie friendly

2. AutoWasap Android πŸ“±

This application is designed specifically for you who want to send bulk messages to prospects only through Android phone only without the need for any other additional software or without the need to scan Whatsapp web. It is 100% mobile phone only.

Whatsapp Blaster Apk is suitable for those who are busy, often travel @ outstation and do not have time to open the computer. Very easy to use. Blasting or send bulk messages to multiple numbers of Whatsapp within 1-click!

whatsapp blaster apk


Advantages of Whatsapp Blaster Android

AUTOWASAP or Whatsapp Blaster is a great tool for whatsapp to send bulk messages to multiple numbers within 1-click without saving them. Good for marketing and business purposes. “Sending bulk whatsapp messages and campaign to unlimited numbers using android phone. No need to scan whatsapp web on computer. 100% use mobile phone!

Smart & Easy to Use: This application is easy to use, just install the .APK file and continue to use it without having to install another application. Can send or schedule messages and media such as images, videos, audio or files.
Auto Rotate Profiles: For those who have many wasap accounts in one phone, you can send messages from multiple wasap app and auto rotate profiles during sending!
Import from TXT / CSV: You can select a number from the phone contact list, insert number manually (single or bulk) and can also upload a number from a TXT or CSV file.
Auto Reply Message: Has the function of autoreply message including reply Text and Media (Image, Video, Files). Every prospect who replies the message, the system will auto reply and also auto save the prospect number and this makes it easier for you to do follow up.
Anti-Banned Features: Can send messages with different sentences (spintax), mentioned name, add variables, add timestamp, random delay time, add message ID, pause during sending etc. This can reduce the risk of your number being banned.
Broadcast to Groups: Can broadcast messages to all groups you join. Select a group from the wasap account and send a message to all groups with just 1-click!

To install the Autowasap Android APK outside of Google Play, you need to enable unknown sources. Download and open Autowasap Android APK file with the Android package installer.

How To Use Android AutoWasap?

Whatsapp Blaster Apk All Features

βœ… 1. Can send message to call logs
βœ… 2. Can send message to contacts list
βœ… 3. Can send message to upload list (TXT/CSV)
βœ… 4. Can send from multiple whatsapp profile
βœ… 5. Can rotate whatsapp profile during sending
βœ… 6. Can send message with different text (spintax)
βœ… 7. Can send Text, Image, Video, Document, Audio, Contact
βœ… 8. Can adjust time interval between message
βœ… 9. Can send up to 30~40 messages per minutes
βœ… 10. Can install in PC using Android emulator.
βœ… 11. Automatic skip number if dont have whatsapp account
βœ… 12. No need rooted device
βœ… 13. No need AutoInput or Tasker app
βœ… 14. No ads in application
βœ… 15. 100% use Android phone (no need PC to send)
βœ… 16. Can add custom package name
βœ… 17. Can add timestamp in each message automatically
βœ… 18. Can view delivery report & retry to send
βœ… 19. Can schedule message to send
βœ… 20. Can mentioned name during sending
βœ… 21. Can autoreply any receiver message
βœ… 22. Can broadcast message to all joined groups within 1-click!
βœ… 23. Can extract WA number from group, chat, phone
βœ… 24. Can add multiple variables to send spesific message
βœ… 25. Can generate random number
βœ… 26. Can manage contact list

β€’ Android 4.4 and above
β€’ Any Whatsapp accounts

3. AutoWasap Desktop πŸ–₯️

This software is suitable for those who want to send bulk messages to prospects through computers either Desktop or Laptop. This software is easy to use and designed specifically for blasting purposes without any complicated settings.

If you have an office or store, you can use this software for the use of your sales & marketing team.

AutoWasap Desktop


Advantages of AutoWasap Desktop

Easy to Use & Free Updates
Support Media Attachment

Extract Number from Group
Can Send from Multiple Numbers

This software is easy to use and it supports Windows 7, 8 and 10.
Just need to insert prospect phone number >> Insert message to send >> Adjust sending setting >> Scan whatsapp web and Send.
Can mention the name of the prospect for each message sent, and can also send a message with a different sentence (spintax).

You can send messages with pictures, videos or document files and can also extract numbers from the whatsapp group you join.

If you have a lot of fumes, you can send a message at once. You can even send multiple images with different captions.

Messages can be sent at a maximum of 200 messages per minute (Turbo Mode)! But beware, your number may be blocked if you send it too fast,
This function is specifically to send news / info to clients who already know @ have saved your number.

How To Use AutoWasap Desktop?


Full Features:

βœ… 1. Can add contact manually
βœ… 2. Can send message to upload list (TXT)
βœ… 3. Can generate random number
βœ… 4. Can send from unlimited whatsapp account
βœ… 5. Can send message with different text (spintax)
βœ… 6. Can send Text, Image, Video, Audio or Document
βœ… 7. Can adjust time interval between message
βœ… 8. Can pause / stop during sending
βœ… 9. Can send up to 200 messages per minutes (Turbo mode)
βœ… 10. Can mentioned users name during sending
βœ… 11. Can extract number from groups
βœ… 12. Can blast message into whatsapp groups
βœ… 13. Can filter whatsapp numbers
βœ… 14. Automatic generated report after sending messages
βœ… 15. Can add multiple variables to send spesific message
βœ… 16. Automatic skip number if dont have whatsapp account

βœ… Windows 7 SP1 and above
βœ… Netframe 4.6 and above
βœ… Google Chrome browser
βœ… Whatsapp account

What Do You Get In The AutoWasap Package?


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